//  Origin:  Minneapolis, MN
//  Genres:  Alternative Pop/Jazz/Rock
//  Years Active:  Music as Life, Life as Music
//  Label:  Deetaz Dragon
//  Website:  www.deetazdragon.com
Short Bio

Jennifer Arnold – an unusual artist, an incredible voice, a charismatic presence—  delights her audience with a new project! DEETAZ DRAGON is an interesting mix of Pop, Jazz, Rock, Upbeat and Ballad.


All songs are original works and one could describe the music as gentle, rocky, challenging and perceptive, with lyrics that invite investigation and attention. The songs selected for this new album were written among many others between 2013 and 2015.  The familiar themes of love and loss are strongly represented, but also others, such as hope, disappointment and a longing for resolution…with one’s self and others.


The songs were produced by Jennifer Arnold and Tom Peschel recording in Downhill Studios, Munich in the summer of 2015.  The nine selected songs are an interesting musically diverse mixture, that wonderfully reflect the wide artistic range and powerful vocal flexibility Jennifer Arnold has to offer.  In February 2016 the album, “Status Games” was released to digital sales through CD-Baby, Amazon, and Itunes, as well as to streaming services such as Spotify.  CD’s with four bonus tracks will be coming out soon, for sale at her upcoming performances.