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Get a Life! Deetaz Dragon on: Uncompromising Unconditional Love

I never thought I would be blogging. But, I needed a Website that I could design and manage...on my own. And this: A Blog...came with the template!!! Yippee!

Well, why not? A new adventure in brain drain.

I'll be honest. I do not spell well. I view grammar and punctuation as necessary, but often extremely constraining (see straight-jacket). There are several languages running around in my head...so...be patient. Try to go with the flow. Forgive my trespasses.

I don't take this, or myself very seriously...so my sandbox. I will share, but that is all this is...not great philosophy, religion or politics. Just me...and you, reading it. Welcome!!

And it is a love thing. That is what this is all about. Ms. Eartha Kitt: "I fall in love with myself. And I want to share that with someone." Not narcissism, but true acceptance. Authenticity.

In the "New Age" scene, there is constant talk about self-improvement. This gets exhausting doesn't it? Trying to avoid triggering a negative reaction (no matter how small). That is impossible. Constantly running a system check on every word, movement and action. No wonder so many people are depressed, stressed and desperate and hopeless. Be true to yourself...and everyone one else you know?! How is that supposed to work? It doesn't.

And it doesn't have to work.

Nope. First love yourself, then everything else will follow. What does this mean? I saw this yesterday:

I found it inspiring. Love is not about compromise. Love is about sharing. I can be TOTALLY different from you. I can eat different food, have a different religion, hobbies, gender, skin-colour... And still I LOVE YOU.

The Key is: Love is seeing, sharing, accepting. Pretty simple.

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