• Jennifer Arnold

Get a life! Deetaz Dragon on: being "Intense"

"Of extreme force, degree, concentration...highly concentrated...Having or showing strong feelings or opinions; extremely earnest or serious." Thus the Oxford Dictionary.

I don't see any point to doing something half way, sort of, kinda,

Why bother?

I want to feel it, crawl inside its skin and wear it on my soul...the darkest turns of the deepest rabbit hole and the shimmering lava-surfaced supernova of ecstasy.

It is the way I experience life. It's always been that way. Super sensitive? Yeah.

Everything balances in the end: I wouldn't trade in one chuckle to avoid a sob. Within every heartbreak a new born star, every birth leaving a scar.

That is life.

#reallife #GetaLife #intensity #purpose

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